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    Thank you for your purchase of the Complete Guide to Sprint Triathlon Training. Triathlon Training Online is a support website designed to give all levels, abilities and ages in the sport of triathlon to gain the information, tools, and specific training plans to train for the triathlon distance of your choosing.

    Your training plans and resources are provided in a user friendly format to prepare you for the Sprint distance triathlon.

    Our focus is to help you:

    - Make the swim fun and enjoyable
    - Gain more strength and power on the bike
    - Be able to have plenty left over for the run
    - Overcome your anxieties
    - Become masterfully efficient in your training

    We do this by giving you tips and techniques that will help you overcome your obstacles and get the kind of results you've always wanted. We have had success working with Pro Triathletes and top Age-Groupers, but our specialty is the beginning to intermediate level athlete.

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    Kevin Koskella
    Ron Saetermoe

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  • Athletes First

    Whether we are working with our athletes online or offline, we always put the needs of our athletes first. It is our commitment to people that drives our principles:

    Keep it simple.

    If it's too complicated, it just ain't right.

    Always improve.

    Listen, adjust, and innovate.

    Enjoy the process.

    Otherwise, what's the point?

  • Look at What Some of Our Coaching Clients Have Told Us:

    "...Have Had a Very Positive Impact On My Performance."

    - Bruce Mann, Tampa, FL USA

    "Thanks to your advice, knowledge and the interval training workouts. I am lighter, faster and stronger than ever before."

    - Jordan K., Mission Viejo

    "I learned so much from it and you explained techniques with authority, supportiveness and timing."

    - Catherine Carr, Beaverton, Oregon